With consumer markets opening up and ongoing blank sailing schedules, that are still being operated by most carriers, we are witnessing demand outweighing capacity.

It therefore follows that rates are moving in an upward trajectory and at this time bookings are not always moving on a ‘first come first served’ basis, in some cases higher rates are driving priority.

Westbound are continuing to implement our efficient space allocation strategy to ensure we avoid no-roll premiums, which are effectively being charged now.

While we are witnessing an exaggerated situation following unprecedented global events, there will always be a swing of demand versus capacity during each year and once this current situation subsides, we are likely to move back towards the usual trends.

Essential to our ongoing space allocation strategy is to build loyalty from our customers to us, and from us to carriers. By maintaining this loyalty during the periods of lower demand and more flexible rates, we are able to build the protection for the peak seasons.

This is where shorter term strategies, like rotating suppliers for the sake of $50/$100 during off seasons, will not benefit the long term, as this kind of approach will undoubtedly result in higher premium rates during peak season.

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