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Global full load services and solutions, supported by service contract and effectively managed space agreements with all major alliances, providing our customers with more flexibility and more choice.

Our less than container, or part load, solutions are provided in-house and on a truly global basis. Our LCL services are not limited to UK imports and exports, we have uniquely developed our products worldwide.

Our LCL services play a major part in some of the most effective global supply chains.

Since our inception, Westbound have recognised the importance of developing inhouse LCL products and have strived to build our own services that can be relied upon and that can provide an effective alternative to full load movements.

We are uniquely positioned as a UK based logistics provider, as not only do we have a complete range of our own LCL services in and out of the UK, but we have also developed LCL routes from Asia to North America and Europe directly.

Our LCL services are based on the most reliable carrier loops and by controlling our own products, we are able to ensure our turnaround times, at both origin and destination, are the fastest in the market.

LCL is critically relied upon by many smaller businesses and lower volume movers, but is sometimes under valued as a solution within higher volume supply chains.

However, LCL can provide a constant flow of replenishment that reduces the need for stockpiling, thus reducing inventory costs and improving cashflow. Our LCL services play a major part in some of the most effective global supply chains.


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Contact us for further details. Whether it is import or export business, you can be sure that we can handle it.

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