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Our in-depth and easy-to-follow whitepaper guides, covering many logistics subjects that often need clarity or further understanding.


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Everything you need to know about converting your numbers for logistics purposes, including weights, sizes, volumes and more.

VAT Calculation Tool

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Calculate the VAT globally from an origin country to a selected currency. Also using our HS Commodity Code with our lookup tool.

Client Profile Form

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All our clients must complete our client profile form to ensure they have relayed accurate information and to access any credit facilities.

Agent Profile/Agent Agreement Form

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Here at Westbound, we truly value our overseas agent relationships, by working alongside them to identify solutions and carry service levels across the globe.

Quote Request

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Use our simple but comprehensive quote request tool to request a detailed quotation based on your requirements.

Pallet Optimiser

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Enter consignment data to display pallet loads


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Informative and comprehensive answers to the most commons industry questions.

PVA declaration

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This isn’t a difficult process, you don’t have to register, you just need to provide us with authorisation to declare your imports using PVA.

Container Spec

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Shipping containers come in many sizes and types. Our guide will help you to order the right equipment for your international movement(s).

Inco Terms Details

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Our guide to INCO terms – a set of widely recognised selling terms that lay out the responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer.

GMR / GVMR Rule Change Processes

Download our guide

All goods entering the UK from the European Union as of 1st January 2022 must be cleared prior to their arrival.


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Informative and insightful visual guides within the industry.

Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

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We have collated all you need to know on one page for your reference and guidance.

Customs Tariff

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An easy-to-follow- link to the UK government’s customs tariff, which governs duty rates and procedures for imports and exports.

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