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Global full load services and solutions, supported by service contract and effectively managed space agreements with all major alliances, providing our customers with more flexibility and more choice.

Full load container movements are at the heart of our international logistics solutions.

Westbound have continually invested in both time and resources to ensure our range of full load solutions are amongst the very best in the industry. Our carrier contract procurement policy enables us to offer the flexibility of both economical and premium services to and from all major routes around the globe.

On high volume routes, such as Asia to Europe or North America, our space allocation strategy is based around building loyalty with selected carriers, so that we are able to receive and allocate space when others cannot during peak seasons.

Full load container movements are at the heart of our international logistics solutions. Therefore, our full load services are not limited to simple port to port operations, we have built an extensive range of value added and supply chain solutions around this core product.

These include customs brokerage, global warehousing and fulfilment, e-commerce, storage and distribution, all of which are supported by technologically advanced integrations and software, including the revolutionary Westbound Hub.


Global TEU’s moved Per Annum


40 Foot Containers


20 Foot Containers

Contact us for further details. Whether it is import or export business, you can be sure that we can handle it.

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