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Warehousing and Fulfilment

Westbound Logistics are a global freight warehousing and fulfilment provider. Over the years we have invested heavily into the infrastructure of our warehousing and fulfilment services. By developing our own bespoke internal procedures and operating policies and working alongside multiple WMS software providers we have developed a product that has been successfully implemented across multiple sites around the world.

With warehouses in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe and our current Dubai project well underway we pride ourselves on being one of the few logistics companies to have embraced the early onset of digital freight forwarding.


Another key strength of our global business has been the relationship development of our overseas network partners. In this day and age, digital technology enables us to be everywhere at once, but nothing beats feet on the ground and in this respect our partners have supported the expansion our global business, working in symmetry with our our own offices to implement procedures and requirements locally to ensure we offer the same great service across the globe. This provides our customers with the assurance that their goods are being handled professionally wherever they are in the world.

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