Fulfilment Team

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the Fulfilment team that will handle any warehousing and storage requirements for you once your goods have been checked into our 3PL warehouse.

Please use the following email address: (usa3pl@westboundglobal.com); this ensures that all members of our team are in copy and any requests will be handled promptly for you.
Please complete and return the attached SKU sheet; this is essential so that we can load your goods accurately into our warehouse management system.

IMPORTANT NOTES when completing SKU sheet:

  • Please complete all information for every SKU that will be arriving at our warehouse.
  • Only complete the *Blue header fields
  • Save as normal Excel file and email back to usa3pl@westboundglobal.com
  • Dims must be in inches
  • Weight must be in lbs
  • Packing UOM QTY should be the number of units per carton.
  • Please do not add any additional info other than that mentioned above

Should you require contact details to provide to the shippers / Amazon please use Kelsey at +1 888 776 3920, however, please note that this is strictly for haulier use only. Any collection arrangements or picks must be arranged through Westbound. If you are arranging an APC (Amazon Partnered Carrier) collection and you wish for BOLS to be sent directly to the warehouse when issued, please use apc-la@westboundglobal.com as the contact when arranging the collection within your Amazon account. Please note the BOL must be received by Westbound in good time before the collection of any orders so that we can pass this over to our warehouse team accordingly. They are unable to release any orders without a BOL.

Product Information:

Our US fulfilment warehouse operates with a modern Warehouse Management System to ensure your goods are stored effectively and can be identified at any point during the supply chain. Please ensure that your suppliers create and mark cartons with QR codes & SKUs before shipping. These QR codes will need to match the information input into our SKU sheet and uploaded to our warehousing system to assist with checking goods in and processing orders without any delays or errors. This also ensures that items can be picked without any issues in the event of any problems with the WMS.

Marks must consist of the following information:

  • QR Code (UPC Number)
  • SKU Name
  • SKU Description
  • Number Of Units Per Carton

When placing orders with your supplier, please insist that all cartons are single SKU cartons only. This means that each carton should contain only one type of product SKU and not multiple SKUs. This request is essential for efficient inventory management and order processing in our warehouse. Thank you for your cooperation.

QR codes & SKUs

Should cartons not be clearly marked with QR codes & SKUs this will need to be arranged upon receipt of goods at the warehouse and labour fees will be charged for this at a rate of $0.50 per label plus a special labour fee of $54.00 per hour.It is a requirement that cartons must include QR Codes in addition to SKUs so that we can scan your goods for maximum picking efficiency and stock control.

If you don’t have a UPC number, you can use a random number generator or you can use a preferred barcode provider in the link below, but these details must be shared with your supplier who can then pre-label your cargo before shipping to one of our warehouses as well as Westbound operations team.

Random Number Generator:
Random Number Generator

Or alternatively, you can use your current preferred barcode provider such as GS1 or Barcode Mania (Links below)


Receipt Information:
Our warehouse requires 24-48 hour’s notice prior to the arrival of all inbounds. All inbounds will be allocated a booking slot. LCL inbounds containing a minimal number of cartons will be booked to deliver as a live unload. All other inbounds will be booked to deliver as a drop, in which case the booking slot provided will cover when the container is booked to be dropped, rather than unloaded. The container will then be unloaded and will be ready to collect within 24-48 hours (our team will confirm once the container is ready to be collected), and the receiving report will then in turn be provided within 48-72 hours.

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