Most UK importers will already have been impacted by the increasing issues with capacity from the region, the continuation of blanked sailing programs and the ongoing affect that has had on rates.

Our understanding is there will be a potentially significant increase towards the middle of August which may come in the form of a GRI (General Rate Increase) or as a PSS (Peak Season Surcharge). This is likely to be implemented on both the Asia/Europe and Asia/North American trades.

At the time of writing we are unable to confirm the levels but will be notifying clients of any implemented increases imminently.

As far as the capacity issues are concerned, it looks like the current difficulties will be continuing for at least the short term, even though there is uncertainty about the longevity of current volumes. We will continue to monitor the situation and work as hard as ever to protect our valued customers.

More to come on rates shortly, but please contact us if you have any questions on the above.

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