According to analytical reports, the recent increase in rates has positioned them around 25% higher than this time last year. As blanked sailings continue into the third quarter carriers are becoming more confident that there will be peak season demand, with one already announcing a $200 PSS from July 1.

It appears that confidence in the demand for next quarter is not shared equally between the alliances. 2M and THE Alliance have reportedly planned blank sailings that reduce capacity by around 20-25%, while the Ocean Alliance have only reduced theirs by 4%.

For now, demand in the market continues to outweigh capacity, which we expect to continue for at least the next 2-3 weeks. From there on we may get a better idea of whether the volume rebound is more sustainable over time.

In the meantime, Westbound continue to increase our Asia Europe market share by providing a range of Full Load, LCL and integrated supply chain solutions.

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