The Australian trade minister commented that this would be “a strong signal of our mutual support for free trade” and confirmed that Australia are “ready to help the UK find new beginnings post-Brexit and in doing so, open up new doors for our farmers, businesses and investors”.

While his New Zealand counterpart added “As the UK embarks on its next steps post-Brexit, New Zealand is pleased to be among the first countries to negotiate a trade agreement with one of our oldest friends,”

To prepare for a post-Brexit world, the UK needs to conclude trade deals with around 70 countries, of which 20 or so are believed to be done. Following the events of the last few weeks, this already difficult task has become harder within the current time frame.

The UK is Australia’s seventh largest trading partner and the sixth largest for New Zealand.

The agreement being discussed will focus on the removal of customs tariffs, new approaches to barriers, streamlined customs procedures, development of digital trade and trade provisions in support of sustainable development – including climate change.

The potential for free trade and streamlined customs procedures between the countries will be good news for Westbound. We are operating a range of FCL, LCL, and airfreight services to and from ‘down under’ which can only benefit from less restrictions and an increase in trade.

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