Across the globe we are witnessing lockdowns in various countries, and thousands of shipments that have left exporters but cannot be accepted by their customers. Some are predicting major global congestion in the next couple of months, as shops, factories and plant closures continue.

Ports, airports, terminals and distribution centres around the world have been filling with cargo that can no longer move but they are still having to ensure the swift movement of essential goods, despite their own congestion.

We have witnessed a major reduction in air freight capacity and steamship lines cancelling sailings to counter the reduction in ocean freight volume since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Balancing whether to hold freight, whether to ship, whether the customer is likely to receive goods or how long this lockdown is going to last in countries worldwide, is a task that forwarders are juggling every day.

But modern thinking forwarders, like Westbound, are more resilient and have developed and honed much more capability in planning and helping to manage customers supply chains over recent years. The days of us just moving goods from A to B are long behind us.

With the data, systems, experience and creativity, that modern thinking forwarders have at our disposal, coupled with the oversight of the entire supply chain from door to door, much can be expected of us in helping the global recovery over the next few weeks and months.


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