So far, from speaking with a number of shipping lines, the answer is yes.

Unless this changes, we do have alternative solutions but due to an increase in demand for this contingency plan, we would urge all customers with ‘goods in transit’ and who are ‘closed’, please get in touch asap.


Currently, the reason lines and UK ports have taken this stance is simply because both ports and truckers along with logistics companies (being key workers) are still operating as usual. This means it is vital that goods keep moving and do not congest the ports.

The guidelines from the Government may have caused confusion, and remains slightly ‘wooly’, but as we interpret the official guidance, we understand it that you can go to work unless you cannot work from home. That excludes the industries already requested to close (High Street retail, pubs, bars, restaurants etc). If this still leaves questions (which we know it does), we feel that a warehouse falls into the category of ‘Logistics’ which is vital for businesses to keep operational right now. Furthermore, if your business operates online, then it also falls into ‘eCommerce’ which the Federation of Small Businesses confirms should be actively encouraged to continue.

It is vital, that social distancing and the new rules are implemented, and followed. Even if, warehouses are operating partially for vital unloads/dispatch, the guidelines should be followed by safe distancing with essential hygiene measures.

Deliveries have, and will continue to be put under pressure as the nation’s supply chain is tested heavily during #covid19 and as such, many trucking tariffs (particularly from Heathrow) have been frozen, where spot rates are required on a job by job basis. If you have cargo in the air, or on the water, we would strongly suggest pre-bookings are made in advance to ensure that you can plan staff for the unload and avoid the risk of rent/demurrage.

If you need to speak to us whilst #workingfromhome please email your account manager or for new enquiries,