The chronic driver shortage is continuing to impact container transport, with lead times for booking collections and deliveries sometimes two to three weeks.

While the knock on effect of the crisis has been evident in container transport for quite some time, we are now witnessing shortages of products that affect our everyday lives.

Recently, Mcdonald’s restaurants have been unable to serve milkshakes, Nando’s ran short of chicken, supermarkets have run out of certain products lines, pubs have been unable to serve beer and some major brands have already indicated concern over Christmas this year.

The RHA (Road Haulage Association), supported by many supply chain and transport leaders, has for some time been lobbying UK government to allow temporary visas for foreign national drivers, similar to the rules still applied to fruit and farm workers post Brexit.

However, the government has dismissed this option, suggesting that more training was needed in the industry.

Considering that HGV exams have become more complex and there are waiting times for tests of up to six months, many industry leaders are exasperated by the government’s response.

It seems that the crisis, where the shortage is somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 drivers, is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.



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