The impact of congestion in the United States has been intensifying further and continuing to disrupt logistics, with a record high number of vessels now queued up outside Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

A recent survey established that Los Angeles and Long Beach are more congested than Ningbo and Shanghai ports, which are facing their own difficulties right now.

The record high number of ships at berth or anchor was reached during the last few days, having risen to 125 ships – 12 more than the 1st quarter high. In all likelihood, these numbers are set to rise further, following the recent addition of new trans-Pacific routes.

Although the situation is seriously impacting these ports right now, the congestion is not limited to the West Coast. Covid, staff shortages, driver shortages and a continued lack of space or equipment, continue to cause delays at ports, terminals, railheads and distribution centres throughout the US.

America’s East Coast is heavily impacted.  Productivity through New York and New Jersey ports has been critically impacted by a low chassis issue and Savannah is another port experiencing lengthy delays.

Connected logistics, such as every rail service operating through the US Mid-West, have also been impacted by congestion that now spans the entire country.

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