Something a little bit different from us in this post as we are highlighting a BBC documentary that tells the story of the vessel ‘Ever Given’, which infamously blocked the Suez Canal for a week in March 2021.

The documentary was originally broadcast last year but has been repeated this month. It’s only available to view until 7th September, and we feel it’s a great watch that highlights the fragility of Asia’s main shipping route to and from Europe.

The programme goes on to highlight the impact this event had on global trade, and on a specific UK importer who had to wait four months for his urgently required post pandemic products to arrive. He then had to pay a percentage of the astronomic salvage costs.

We feel it serves as useful insight to the world of container shipping, so would recommend taking a look if you get the chance.

The documentary can be viewed here, or just search for ‘Why Ships Crash’ on BBC iplayer using whatever device you prefer.

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