Congestion and delays at the Port of Southampton has deteriorated recently and we are now witnessing similar issues to those that have been experienced at Felixstowe.

While all the main UK container ports have been working through major delays, Felixstowe has been particularly challenging, contributing to delivery delays of up to two weeks.

We are now experiencing similar problems at Southampton, including severe congestion, empty containers being refused and no VBS transport booking slots being available.

In the past week there has been weather closures due to fog, a shut down in customs software, vessel delays and the emergence of the serious restitution issue. This has resulted in failed deliveries, further transport backlogs from the port and more price increases on urgently required deliveries.

Southampton has been overwhelmed partially due the clamour to divert from Felixstowe, an issue we warned customers about not too long ago.  There are also unconfirmed reports that congestion at both ports are being severely hampered by the need to store hundreds of PPE containers.

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