Please don’t shoot the messenger…

We knew a few weeks back that unofficially, at least 2 shipping lines had effectively pulled out of the UK market until 2021, due to on-going port congestion issues and, putting it bluntly ‘a better choice of revenue being presented on different port pairs’.

With a major shortage of container equipment, and vessel space already, we have received confirmation that CMA-CGM has officially bolstered the news that no further bookings will be taken on board for UK bound cargo during December. We know they are not the only liner doing this so the effects on very little availability being left behind, is vast.

It’s with regret, we need to inform our customers that import rates will increase again as a consequence. As of the 14th of December, FCL rates will increase dramatically so our spot rate ruling will continue (We will quote each and every booking individually as previously advised) but our LCL import tariffs will need to increase by $25 per cbm/1000kgs, or £20 per cbm for all-in rates.

We know that January is likely to be worse for demand/vessel space on the lead up to Chinese New Year, but we sincerely hope that more options will be available for importers to relieve the challenges somewhat. Otherwise, the light at the end of the tunnel right now seems to be ‘Chinese New Year’ itself.

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