The discover of a new strain of coronavirus, and the introduction of the new tier 4 rules in Kent, has led to France refusing entry to vehicles and Dover closing for exports for 48 hours.

There will undoubtedly be further delays incurred on the majority of movements to and from Europe as Dover is key to many routes. However, the French government and EU are today discussing what can be done to get trade moving again.

Airfreight is also impacted, as many countries have introduced travel bans from the UK and flights are being cancelled. Amongst the countries that have already implemented bans are Canada, Hong Kong, India, France and Germany.

We will be discussing the above with any clients impacted and, if and where possible, looking at alternative routes. In the meantime, if you have upcoming shipments by road or air that are likely to be impacted by the above, please contact one of the Westbound team.

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