Logistics in and out of India right now, particularly ocean freight, is becoming more demanding on a weekly basis, with delays set to continue across the board for the immediate future.

Ocean freight imports from India are suffering from an extreme container shortage at the moment, with equipment being completely unavailable at some ports and especially at inland container terminals. The ports themselves have major issues with congestion and this, combined with the equipment shortage, is resulting in delays being experienced.

Customs clearances on exports to India are often being held up due to the introduction of the countries new customs digitaisation programme back in June. Importers are witnessing unnecessary queries and examination orders and some customs brokers are forced to appoint middlemen to look after their work at other ports, which is resulting in additional costs being incurred.

Furthermore, coronavirus lockdowns mean that forwarding agents are often working from home and sub-standard broadband connections are contributing to less than adequate communication.

Right now, we recommend that clients speak to us about import and export orders before proceeding, as in some instances we are able to provide alternative routings that may help circumnavigate badly impacted areas.

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