The industry continues to suffer huge knock-on effects of Covid-19 globally, and Los Angeles, in particular, being the busiest Trans-Pacific entry port into the USA, is suffering badly.

As previously written, rates are at an incredibly high point and have continued to rise every two weeks by around 10% even though, trump tax is alive and present.

Due to the high volume of arrivals into Long Beach, trucking capacity cannot cope with the demand, and hauliers are having to prioritise deliveries by a ‘last in, last out’ basis. The free time given for containers at port is being fully utilised for this reason, and then on the last day, usually, truckers are finding slots to take the container off the port and place it alongside other ‘in waiting’ containers amongst the cargo shed’s long line of containers to unpack.

The cargo sheds (warehouse) where consolidations are unloaded are inundated as a consequence, and some have even STOPPED taking in more containers until the backlog is eased.

The average delay of getting containers from Long Beach Port (ETA Date) to unpacking in the deconsolidation warehouse is approx 10-14 days. Virtually DOUBLING the transit time from Chinese base ports such as Shanghai!

We have warned previously, and need to remind again that pre-xmas stock needs to move much quicker than usual.

Importers need to build in an extra 2 weeks, perhaps more as a safety buffer, into the supply chain process. We would urge discussions between factories and your buyers to pinpoint accurate planning in order to bring forward ready dates.

Westbound are doing all we can to alleviate timing delays to your valuable cargo, from getting into its retail channel, but please understand this is a global effect that’s happening across the industry which will take some time to ease.

If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to your account manager.

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