China Imports – Comparing Ocean, Rail & Air Supply Chain Options

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White List – China Imports

Importing from China, the export force The Chinese import market is huge. Based on low production costs and a seemingly infinite workforce, the amount we import from China is likely to continue to increase.

During the past two or three decades, China has relaxed the red tape issues that used to hinder their international trading and they became an export force to be reckoned with. To meet the growth of their exports and the increasing demand for their products, major shipping lines have continued to invest-in and build bigger and bigger ships.

We are now seeing the regular introduction of mega ships, which can carry well over 20,000 containers. Additionally, rail freight services that follow the old silk road journey have emerged over the past few years. These services are aimed at filling a gap between ocean and air freight. This document will give you an overview of the three transport modes available when import-ing from China. It will also outline the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.