The ongoing driver shortage crisis is expected to impact the UK and European road freight industry as volumes start to increase following Brexit.

Since the turn of the year, customs issues and delays at borders have been putting European drivers off of round trips through the UK, which has resulted in a shortage of supply and an increase in costs. However, driver shortages are expected to be the next obstacle for European trading once volumes recover.

Many businesses stockpiled products in the Brexit build up, to avoid being caught up in the delays we have subsequently witnessed. As these companies start to run down on stock, volume is expected to return to previous levels, which is when the driver shortage is expected to be more apparent.

Driver shortages have been impacting container transport in the UK for 2/3 years and have been especially disruptive during the coronavirus pandemic. However, this is a global issue, that is prevalent in Europe, China, India and the US and is contributing to port congestion worldwide.

According to a recent report by the International Road-Transport Union (IRU), driver shortages are now a demographic time-bomb – the average age of drivers globally has risen to almost 50 and the number of drivers under 25 is falling.

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