As with everything during 2020, Christmas will be different this time around for most of us and we will be having to adapt to make the most of the hand we have been dealt this holiday season.

We feel that we cannot let the year pass without once more, sparing a thought for our NHS staff and essential workers, many of whom will be working over the festive season, continuing to do their best to protect us and our families.

We will be joining in the Worldwide Jingle – at 6pm on Christmas Eve – who will ever forget the sense of community spirit achieved through the nationwide ‘clap-for-carers’ movement.

This year has been extremely challenging for supply chains and international logistics. Since this relentless virus took hold, we have witnessed congestion, delays and capacity issues beyond anything we have seen before, culminating in a very difficult year for our customers and our staff.

We would therefore like to say an enormous thank you to both.

We are now in the last throws of 2020 and continue to be in the midst of unprecedented disruption, especially when moving products from Asia, which looks set to be with us into the early part of next year.

However, there is hope around the corner, as vaccines have started distribution around the globe. Whether your instinct is to participate or not, we can at least expect the spread of the virus to slow in the near future and hopefully a return to some sense of normality.

So, being much more adaptable and much better prepared than we were this time last year, we can look forward to 2021 with some optimism and the belief that ‘things are going to get better’.

With that in mind, let’s make the most of this Christmas and maybe even creatively use some of our newly introduced communication methods to make sure its a good one.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.