The Suez Canal is currently blocked by a mega containership, which got stuck across the shipping lane yesterday and is delaying any other ships from passing.

The ‘Ever Given’ is currently grounded at both the bow and stern and is sitting sideways across the narrow passageway, resulting in a queue of container ships forming on this major shipping route for vessels travelling between Europe and Asia.

Attempts have been made to free the vessel without success, which has led to fears that the canal could be blocked for a few days. If this is the case, then many schedules will be impacted as there is no room to pass in either direction.

Seeing really is believing when it comes to this story. Therefore, we encourage you to watch the youtube video from the telegraph here.

As ever, we will be monitoring the developments on this one as it unfolds and will keep you advised of any major changes.

*** UPDATE 26 MARCH ***

Attempts to refloat the vessel have so far been unsuccesful and currently over 200 ships are queued in both directions. A specialist suction dredger has now been deployed and if that fails we understand the next step would be to remove cargo from the vessel.

Fears that this could take days to resolve has led to some steamship lines considering rerouting vessels around Africa.


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