This came into effect as of this morning, 4am (GMT).

What does this mean for airfreight?

Similar to when Coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out in China, most passenger flights stopped in a bid to contain person to person contamination. The only flights which were operating, and is the case here for the UK to the USA, was freighter aircraft.

This means 100% cargo planes. This service is constantly in operation but is only used by larger consignments, that do not fit within the 160cm height restrictions of a ‘belly-hold’ passenger flight. As there are no passengers contributing to the cost of the flight, the price per kilo is naturally higher and hence why most importers/exporters choose this service.

It is not the ONLY service available.

However, whilst we can offer freighter options to ensure supply chains to the USA to keep moving, there is another option that wouldn’t be on everyone’s immediate list. UPS Couriers!

You may be aware, our other division solely offers an instant booking service teamed with UPS. It’s quick, easy and competitively priced, benefiting from our global VIP contract. UPS, operate to the USA using their own freighter aircraft, and as such are still operating as usual. Whilst there are some delays with pick up/delivery to be expected, the service is a very good solution for those sending small, or slightly large than normal consignments to the USA.

Check out the instant quote and book service here.