Many UK ports are now charging between £11 and £25 in additional fees per container, that has sparked outrage from many importers and freight forwarders.

These fees have reportedly been introduced under the guise of ‘an insurance fee against the possibility of examination costs’

We are all aware that costs within pretty much every area of the supply chain have risen out of control, while the cost of living is spiralling. But this does seem to open up to abuse, if you read between the lines of an article in The Loadstar recently.

In their article, one source described these fees as ‘a bullshit money-making exercise’ going on to say ‘there are no examinations, it’s probably aimed at recovering port development costs’.

It’s hard to disagree with what is being suggested by many people in the industry, given the fact that some businesses could literally incur thousands of pounds of these fees every month, without having a single examination.




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