Covid-19 has a lot to answer for this year.

So many people have suffered, personally, through grief, through financial circumstances and still, certain business sectors including ours, are suffering, badly.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky, as so many freight forwarders have perished, or continue to make cutbacks yet Westbound have continued to expand after what was a very worrying March, into some of the busiest times we have ever seen. It’s never not a worry being a business owner, as we are now wondering when the good times (for us) will end, but it has got us thinking…..

There’s more we can do to help others than eat out, furlough or donate.

The list of industries that have been ‘hit the hardest’ would be competitive to say the least, but one that sticks in our mind with having knowledge of Air Freight, is the travel industry.

People are worried about booking ahead

This sector is not fully recovering due to several factors that are preventing a complete return of travel confidence, but, one of the major factors is that people simply cannot afford to book ahead, worrying whether their destination of choice will be placed on the quarantine list.

People simply cannot afford to take extra holiday or, unpaid leave whilst sitting at home for 10-14 days AFTER their holiday.

We’re going to make a change to support both our staff, and the Travel Industry!

We are making changes to our business to help support staff to work from home in carefully planned short-term bursts, in the event of their holiday next year being put on that dreaded quarantine list after it’s booked.

We will NOT force our staff members to take unpaid leave or to eat into their hard earnt holiday entitlement but instead, we’ll support them to work from home for the quarantine period so they can get a much-deserved break from the office, and to give enough confidence to help our friends over in the travel industry out in a time they need it most. We work hard, and 2020 has been stressful enough so we’re all in need of a break for wellbeing reasons alone. Happy staff, happy customers!

This year should be remembered when we helped one another, no matter whether it’s a different industry or a rival competitor, so this is one of our proposals which we hope catches on.

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