After more than a year of a sometimes bitter industrial dispute, there was a surprise announcement last Thursday that a tentative agreement has finally been reached for US West Coast port labour.

During recent times, the dispute has hindered operations at Los Angeles, in particular, resulting in a lack of market confidence and even a spike in ocean freight rates.

The new agreement, which covers 29 minor and major ports along the US West Coast, now has to be ratified by both parties during the next few weeks. A statement from the union stated “We are pleased to have reached an agreement that recognises the heroic efforts and personal sacrifices of the ILWU workforce in keeping our ports operating”.

However, the North American West Coast still faces major labour issues north of the border.  A huge 99% majority of ILWU workers in Canada have just voted for strike action, which could lead to walks outs in the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert as early as 24th June.

Westbound are monitoring the situation very closely and will advise of any significant updates to the Canadian situation.

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