The carrier will continue to service the UK with five passenger flights a day and a freighter twice weekly through Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. However, they are suspending all services from Newcastle, Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh until 30 June.

Excessive demand for airfreight continues despite the volume drops in the retail and entertainment industry although airlines are continuing to find a way to move essential products such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

The continuous cancellation of passenger flights across the globe has led to capacity issues on all routes, which in turn has seen rates hike considerably over the past couple of weeks. Contract rates have gone out of the window and cargo is moving on a pay to fly basis right now.

However, a combination of more manufacturers closing down and more airlines looking at putting on passenger flights for cargo, there may be more availability incoming.

Westbound continue to monitor the situation closely, but with rates moving so quickly right now, we suggest that all air freight customers check their price at the time of booking.


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