Congestion and delays through Los Angeles & Long Beach ports continues, leading to the California Governor signing an Executive Order to address the issue.

We are still witnessing up to 70 vessels at a time moored in the San Pedro Bay, with over 250,000 laden containers awaiting discharge at any one time.

The Governor of California – Gavin Newsom – has reportedly now signed an executive order, instructing state agencies to develop congestion mitigation methods.

This includes an allowance for the ports to double the height of two high container stacks, an instruction to find offsite short term methods of storage and a temporary relaxation of vehicle weight rules on priority routes.

US government has also intervened, in what is being described as an attempt to save Christmas, by pushing for the ports to be open 24 hours, a move that is not fully supported by the terminal operators.

It remains to be seen whether there is any positive impact over the next few weeks, but we will be monitoring this closely.

Also on the West Coast, congestion issues at the Port of Seattle have led to two Asia services omitting the port from this week.



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