A series of container blasts in Chittagong, Bangladesh, resulted in the loss of over 40 lives and 200 hospitalisations over the weekend.

The cause of the blast has been attributed to 16 containers of Hydrogen Peroxide, which were being stored in a depot close to the port and due to be shipped shortly.

The first blast went off at 9pm on Saturday night, which was followed by more explosions and a catastrophic fire that raged for over two days and destroyed many nearby containers.

Concerns have now turned towards other related containers on the port itself. It has subsequently been discovered that some of the dangerous goods found have been in storage for up to 28 years.

This disastrous event brings back memories of the blast in Beirut in 2020, where the long term storage of dangerous goods led to over 200 deaths in the Lebanese capital.

The misdeclaration and mishandling of dangerous goods has become a global issue during recent times, with many ship fires being blamed on this issue. MSC have recently implemented a $15,000 fee for any containers they find to be incorrectly declared on their services.

Our heart felt sympathies go out to the people of Bangladesh affected by this tragic accident.



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