As had been widely expected, HMRC have confirmed that the transition from CHIEF to CDS will be delayed from March 2023 until November 2023, providing exporters with more time to prepare for the new procedures.

The announcement was added to the website on Thursday and includes the following key points:

  • “Following consultation with the border industry, exporters will now have until 30 November 2023 to move across to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), 8 months later than previously announced.”
  • “We have moved the deadline to enable us to spend more time working with industry in delivering and testing critical functionality as well as the support needed to help declarants move across to the new system.”
  • “After 30 November 2023, businesses will need to use CDS to make export declarations for goods they send out of the UK, as they already do for import declarations.”
  • “HMRC will provide further information about the timeline for CDS exports by the end of January 2023. There is more information about using the Customs Declaration Service on GOV.UK.”

The full announcement can be viewed here.



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