The UK’s new Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is reportedly continuing to cause issues at UK borders, with concerns that hundreds, if not thousands, of shipments are bypassing border checks.

The GVMS system is a new IT platform that HM Customs have introduced at major ro-ro ports to enable pre-lodged customs entries and enable faster clearance processing.

However, it has had its critics from forwarding and haulage organisations, who feel it just does not function properly. The system itself was down for a few days earlier this month, leading to more backlogs at Dover and Calais.

It is believed by many that loopholes are continuing to be exploited, which may have led to a temporary ‘wave-through’ culture and a lack of appropriate checks.

While this may have helped keep freight moving during the UK’s phased exit from the European Union, it does raise concerns over security.

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