Golden Week approaches fast in China, with this year’s holiday starting on Thursday 1st October and finishing on Wednesday 7th October.

During this period pretty much all companies, government bodies and schools will be shut down for holidays, including the Westbound offices in China. People throughout the country use the time to travel for sightseeing or to visit family.

Golden Week actually occurs twice a year, first in the winter to coincide with the Lunar New Year, and then once more in the autumn for National Day. As overseas observers, we tend to associate the latter as Golden Week and wrap the first week into what we consider the Chinese New Year period.

Both periods witness the largest human migration in the world, as 700 million people are usually expected to travel throughout the country and overseas during these week-long vacations. Apart from residents living in China, many Chinese nationals who live in other countries also travel back to spend time with family and friends.

From a logistics standpoint, below you can find the LCL consolidation schedules, before and after Golden Week, for three of  our main Chinese import services. Due to the days that Golden week falls, this creates a 2 week gap in the schedule:



Last cut off before GW: 23 Sep
(Sails 30 Sep, ETA 30 Oct)

First cut off after GW: 8 Oct
(Sails 14 Oct, ETA 14 Nov)


Last cut off before GW: 23 Sep
(Sails 28 Sep, ETA 28 Oct)

First cut off after GW: 7 Oct
(Sails 12 Oct, ETA 12 Nov)


Last cut off before GW23 Sep
(Sails 5 Oct, ETA 28 Oct)

First cut off after GW: 12 Oct
(Sails 19 Oct, ETA 13 Nov)

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