Felixstowe Port has confirmed that, effective 1st May 2022, it will be introducing a new energy related surcharge – Energy Adjustment Levy (EAL) – for all import containers.

The port communicated that it has seen an increase of 100% in its energy costs compared to last year, which relates to its use of wholesale gas, electricity and diesel.

While some have argued this charge could be absorbed by the high profit carriers, it has been deemed as an additional surcharge to be passed on to importers.

The fee is not currently going to be applied to export traffic, which we understand is due to the difficulties in determining costs with so many containers leaving the UK empty.

We are informed that the cost will be billed through the customs declarant, usually the customs broker, when each container is cleared at Felixstowe, and will be reviewed quarterly.

At this stage, there is no indication whether other ports will be following suit.

The fee, which will be applied to any container out-gating after midnight 30th April, is as follows:

EAL (Energy Adjustment Levy) : £11.25 per import container.

Unfortunately, Westbound have no option but to pass this on to customers when we are clearing full load traffic through the port.

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