With the driver shortage continuing to disrupt logistics and supply lines, we are now seeing shortages of fuel availability at some UK outlets.

BP has stated it is having to restrict deliveries of fuel to its petrol stations due to the crisis, amidst concerns that fuel rationing may be on the way.

The impact of the driver shortage is affecting our everyday lives, and many transport and logistics organisations remain unconvinced by the government’s solutions.

This month, plans were announced to shorten the HGV test process, which is expected to allow up to 20,000 drivers to qualify per year.

However, current reports suggest the shortfall of drivers is around 100,000 since the industry lost thousands of foreign national drivers post Brexit.

BP have reportedly relayed to the cabinet that it is important they understand the ‘urgency of the situation’ which they branded as ‘bad, very bad’.

From a logistics position, the driver crisis is obviously hindering collections and deliveries, although the Westbound team are continuing to work extremely hard to find solutions. For further information on the above, then please do not hesitate to contact us.




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