The UK government are introducing a new electronic system for submitting customs declarations, which should also act as a portal for importers and exporters to manage their customs facilities.

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is due to replace the current CHIEF system in a two phase approach during the next ten months.

The outgoing system will be turned off on the following dates:

Imports : Friday 30th September 2022
Friday 31st March 2023

As you can imagine, Westbound are working diligently to ensure our import systems align with the necessary platforms ahead, which we expect to complete way ahead of the September deadline.

CDS will bring in new features and practices for importers and exporters, while declarants will need to complete more information when submitting customs entries.

For now, importers should focus on what they can do at this stage to prepare for September’s changes, and the first task is to register for CDS with HMC.

You can do this HERE

Should you have any questions regarding the above, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Westbound team.




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