China continues to double-down on it zero-tolerance approach to Covid following an increase in cases, with lockdowns continuing to impact logistics and export production.

Ningbo went into a temporary lockdown on Friday and news has more recently emerged that a million people in Zhengzhou have been told to stay at home.

Some of the country’s main cities, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, are also operating under the regular threat of partial lockdowns.

The current situation looks like this:

Port operations are back to running normally but some warehouses have suspended operations.

Port operations running but a recent Covid outbreak has resulted in non-essential businesses being closed in some neighbourhoods and many working from home.

Port operations running but some areas under temporary lockdowns due to ongoing Covid lockdowns.

No major issues right now.

No major issues right now.

On Sunday, China’s leader vowed to continue the stringent set of policies, commenting that the measures have saved lives.

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