As congestion at the UK’s container ports has continued to affect unloading times of vessels, many have had to cut-and-run before they have been able to discharge their import containers. Importers throughout the UK have had their products offloaded in the European ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge, which has cast a huge concern that retail products will miss the Christmas markets.

Under usual conditions these containers would be shipped back to the UK on feeder vessels within a few days, but as we sadly know these are not usual conditions. Movements back to the UK are taking up to four weeks at the moment due to port delays at both ends and higher European import demand pre-Brexit.

The current situation will inevitably end up with many products missing Christmas deadlines for stores or even online shopping. In most cases, importers will have waited to gain delayed space on vessels from Asia, often at huge premiums, and now end up with their goods stranded in Europe.

Westbound continue to do all that is possible to assist clients during these incredibly frustrating and difficult times. Should you need more information or have concerns about shipments impacted by the above issues, then please do not hesitate to contact the Westbound team.

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