The infamously disruptive steamship ‘Ever Given’ is finally due to arrive the UK in the next few days, over five months after it set sail from Asia.

The vessel, well known for blocking the Suez Canal for a week and for negatively impacting global trade for much longer, is due to arrive at Felixstowe around August 3rd.

Remarkably, containers are expected to be discharged that have been on board since the beginning of its ill-fated voyage in March.

Once the vessel was dislodged from the banks of the canal and moved to a safe point, Egyptian authorities impounded the ship and demanded $900m for its recovery, with a massive slice of that being due to ‘loss of reputation. The ship owner then declared general average.

After weeks of wrangling, and a huge reduction in the fees being demanded, the vessel was finally released to slowly continue its journey to North European ports. Evergreen has advised cargo owners that have not yet provided General Average security to make the payments.


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