What appears to be a lack of providing an easy, simple modern solution to cross border controls is causing issues with movements to and from Europe right now, with confusion at borders being widespread.

Following the lateness of the trade deal being finalised between the UK and Europe, this is perhaps to have been expected. Although, exporters and importers should be aware that delays and additional costs are often being incurred during this early period of UK independence.

The current situation is at times leading to bedlam, as post-modern world paper clearances are often being used, resulting in many extra miles of driving to collect and deliver customs papers. Meanwhile, vehicles are parking up for hours as they wait for customs clearance.

Of course, the processes are brand new, with truckers not fully understanding which procedures are to be followed and many forwarders have now chosen to simply cancel European services until the dust settles.

The new procedures, Covid regulations and tests for drivers, and the space and equipment issues we witnessed in December, have all contributed to a high chance of delays and the risk of additional and unplanned costs arising.

Westbound are continuing to accept bookings for EU imports and exports, but we need to stipulate that while we will do all we can to avoid any delays or any extra charges, there is a risk that these may be incurred, and we cannot be held accountable in the current environment.

We will continue to do our best to service our European customers to the best of our ability, although they need to be aware that the situation is quite chaotic at times.

As a reminder, you can download our need to know guide to 2021 exporting and importing HERE.

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