It seems that steering large container ships is not for everyone, as a Yang Ming chartered vessel took out most of the cranes on a Turkish dock this week when veering into it.

On Saturday, the 14,000 TEU YM Witness, crashed into the terminal at Turkey’s Evyap Port, just east of Istanbul in the Gulf of Izmit, as workers ran for cover.

Fortunately, no injuries to crew or dockworkers have been reported, but the DP World- operated terminal will most likely be out of action for months, as at least three of the four cranes collapsed during the ship operator’s ill judged manoeuvre.

The vessel is chartered by Yang Ming on the THE Alliance’s MD3 Asia-Mediterranean service, and it is currently unclear how much damage it took during the collision. However, it is reported that navigation and seamanship are the responsibility of the shipowner, not the carrier, in this case.

The below video captures the moment the ship hit the dock.

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