The conflict in the Middle East is having an immediate impact on Asia air freight rates and services, specifically since Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel at the weekend.

As a direct result of Iran’s much publicised aerial assault on Saturday night, some flights and services were cancelled in and out of the Middle East and many Far East services have now been rerouted to avoid region.

This has led to payload limitations, space issues and increased fuel costs, and some airlines have decided to stop accepting new cargo bookings on certain routes.  Air freight capacity is being stretched and we are currently witnessing air freight rates rising rapidly on many services from Asia.

Additionally, a major storm has hit the United Arab Emirates and surrounding countries, where 18 months of rain fell on Tuesday, leading to the flooding and closure of Dubai airport’s runways. While some inbound flights have now resumed, the whole airport, a major transhipment hub for Asia/European air freight, is described as barely functional.

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