Give your cargo the VIP treatment with Westbound Logistics Services. 

Our air freight capabilities have grown significantly to a level that matches our ambition and high quality service. This means that we are perfectly positioned to support you with an alternative in light of the delays caused by the Suez Canal blockage.

Bypass the Suez delays in style


Air freight is quick – especially when using a direct service. You can expect shipments by air to arrive within days, whilst sea freight services inevitably take weeks – or considerably longer following recent events. We will advise you on the expected arrival time for your shipment. As a guide, it it likely to take a week or so from most locations to the UK.


Much like passengers on an aeroplane, air freight is tracked. Your cargo will be closely monitored throughout its journey from one destination to another – you will be able to see where it is live, thanks to electronic tracking on all of our shipments. As with any airport process, security is tight and cargo checks are thorough, much like you may expect with a passenger flight.


Ensure your shelves are fully stocked to meet customer demand, meaning that they will be less likely to look elsewhere whilst your sea freight is on it’s way too.

You may be missing out on the jet-setting lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean your cargo has to!

Our outstanding team are experienced in navigating customs processes and logistics of moving goods internationally.

  1. We will collect the goods you’re looking to export – they will either be already packed and RFT (‘ready for travel’) or we will carry out the necessary packing (subject to additional costs).
  2. Your goods are then taken to the airport and need to clear export customs at the point of origin.
  3. From here, the goods are loaded into the plane for their journey. If it is a consolidated shipment it may take a few days.
  4. Upon arrival, the goods will need to pass customs again and will be released once all duty and local taxes have been paid.
  5. The goods are then delivered as per your agreement.

To make the freight process easier, you can count on our team of experts to fully support you in representing your cargo overseas, handling it with priority, safety, and efficiency. At Westbound Logistics, we have all the infrastructure and expertise to be your global logistics partner and help you develop the ideal air freight solutions for the most diverse products.

Following recent events, many businesses are looking to avoid this ocean gridlock, so talk to one of our specialists on 01375 800800 to book your slot today.