The temporary introduction of these new rules means that drivers can now drive for up to 5.5 hours before needing to rest for a 45-minute break, with the daily driving time now increased to 11 hours. The rules have been introduced to bring greater flexibility and to keep logistics moving during these difficult times.

Logistics companies, like ourselves, have been asked by transport and freight organisations to remind businesses that refusing to allow drivers access to washroom facilities at business sites is breaking the law. It is more important than ever to ensure drivers are allowed to wash their hands as regularly as possible to avoid transmission of the virus.

We are relying on drivers to continue service and to deliver essential products in extremely difficult circumstances and while there are obvious concerns about spreading the disease, we should all be supporting these essential individuals to the best of our ability.

We would like to make a special mention of UPS courier drivers, who are continuing to collect and deliver as usual. They are ensuring continuation of the Westbound Parcel service, which has become essential for B2C movements both domestically and internationally. Westbound Parcels continue to provide export services even though thousands of passenger flights have been cancelled worldwide, for more informtion visit


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