With a U.S. Government shutdown looming on 1 October, we are expecting disruptions in all services relating to US Customs and Partner Government Agencies. 

So far, Congress has failed to pass any of a dozen 2024 spending bills for various agencies before the fiscal year begins on 1 October. Although Congress routinely misses the deadline for those bills, lawmakers normally pass a stopgap omnibus spending bill to keep agencies funded until the full-year appropriations bills are completed. But this year, a group of right-wing Republicans in the House of Representatives is rejecting any such measure because they are battling with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R–CA) about issues, including an earlier spending deal with President Joe Biden, aid to Ukraine, and border security.

The impasse means that barring a last-minute agreement, as of 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, federal government operations will be suspended except for those critical to protecting lives or property. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be sent home; those who remain on the job will in many cases be required to work without immediate pay

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