Air freight is about to enter the traditional busy season during the next few weeks, and early signs are that demand may be about to rise after being flat for the previous few months.

E-commerce and electronic product launches traditionally fuel a rise in air freight demand as we countdown to Black Friday and Christmas, the busiest shopping period of the year.

This year may be no exception despite global economic conditions and the cost of living crisis. Apple’s launch of the Iphone 15 recently led to queues at its stores around the world, and Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy phone launch is rumoured to be releasing at a reduced cost to boost sales.

In general, demand has been low for air freight, especially when compared to the hectic post-pandemic period, meaning rates have flattened out and remained stable this year.

Ocean freight demand from Asia usually falls off after Golden Week in China, but air freight gets busier. This could lead to space becoming stretched during the next few weeks and therefore rates could be on the rise.

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