The devastating scenes coming out of Turkey, following the two earthquakes that struck the country on Monday morning have undoubtedly shocked and distressed us all.

Westbound’s hearts and minds are with the people of Turkey and Syria, that have been so sadly impacted by this disaster.

Logistics to and from Turkey is naturally impacted after the president declared a three-month national emergency on Monday.

Road Freight 

Road freight trailer movements continue to and from Northern cities, although there could be delays due to aid and relief movements being prioritised. Transport to and from many southern regions have ceased operating.

Ocean Freight

The southern port of Iskenderun is closed. Steamship Lines have been making arrangements to offload containers at nearby ports, where possible. Although, we have heard reports that some carriers have used other Mediterranean ports outside of Turkey.

Air Freight

The major airports in the North, including Istanbul, are operating as normal. Adana airport (ADA) in the South is now operating but not with a full schedule, and Gaziantep airport (GZT) is only operating rescue related flights. There is an increased chance of commercial shipments being bumped as priority is given to aid and relief movements.


Therefore, logistics to and from Turkey are very much a fluid situation right now. We suggest checking with the Westbound team before making arrangements for any urgent shipments.

If you have any questions regarding the above, then Westbound are here to help. So, please do not hesitate to contact us.