The survey of UKWA members suggests the overall market may have less than 10% of its capacity still available, which could mean that the country’s warehouses are completely full within days.

Lockdowns have affected ports, airports, freight stations and warehouses dramatically over recent weeks as outbound flows of non-essential goods to factories and stores have halted. Meanwhile, inbound flows have continued to mount up as products en-route from overseas, that cannot be delivered, have still needed to be received and stored by UK warehouses.

The expectation is that inbound flows will start to ease during the next month as purchase orders raised on overseas suppliers reduced when the lockdowns began.

According to a report in The Loadstar, UKWA have also controversially recommended that carriers proceed with plans to charge for rent, demurrage and detention during the lockdown period. They believe this will encourage importers and cargo owners to clear goods through customs, enabling them to move containers from the congested ports.

Westbound continue to suggest that should you have shipments held in carrier controlled facilities, like ports and terminals, you should contact us immediately to discuss whether we can provide alternative solutions.

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