Following the escalation of the conflict in Israel and Palestinian territories, there has naturally been some impact on logistics routes, especially with regard to airfreight.
Air Freight

The vast majority of flights in and out of Israel have now been suspended, including all flights for BA, Virgin, EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Air France, Lufthansa and Emirates.

As a consequence, airlines have stopped accepting cargo bookings and some goods have effectively become stuck in transit.  One BA flight was turned around mid flight after nearly reaching Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

Passenger flights have now been arranged by the government  to evacuate stranded British Nationals out of the conflict area.

Ocean Freight

According to a recent Maersk advisory, bookings are continuing to be accepted. Israel’s major ports are understood to be functioning normally, including Ashdod and Haifa, as are inland services by road and rail. However, carriers are reviewing the situation daily.

Westbound will be monitoring the situation closely and will update any major developments.

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