With the holiday season fast approaching and 2023 drawing to a close, we again find ourselves in a reflective mood. This has been a year of resilience against constant change in the supply chain world. The conflict in Israel and Gaza is beginning to impact global shipping as major carriers are now pausing journey’s through the Red Sea, our thoughts remain with the people caught up in this conflict, and also those still being impacted by the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine. Freight markets have been in turmoil throughout 2023 as shipping lines have looked to recoup costs due to the economic downturn and the consequences of the global pandemic which affected so many around the world, by increasing blank sailings, reducing capacity and constantly re-evaluating GRI’s. This has without doubt had an impact on the industry as a whole and in turn affected the business’s that we work with as costs increase and consumer spending constricts.

Here at Westbound, our goal has always been to work out the best solution for our customers, and to always ensure our service levels support our client’s needs to guarantee we are working together to support growth, because we know through experience, that in business if you work hard and can stay motivated by enduring the tougher times together, its all the more fulfilling when the easier times inevitably come back around, our message this year is simply to say thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the New Year with fresh perspectives and an ambition to achieve greater things together. With this in mind it’s also the ideal time to acknowledge our suppliers and the greater Westbound collaborative network which works tirelessly to ensure service is always at the forefront.

Our Westbound team of helpers will be working all the way up to the 22nd of December to ensure Santa has a trouble free night on the 24th. We’ll then be settling into the Christmas break with our families and returning to the office on the 27th.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the directors and staff at Westbound Logistics Services